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Markar also offers you CAFE.  Whilst we appreciate the importance of protecting your company's IT investment, we also understand that some clients will want to maintain total control over their own firewall environment.  To this end, we offer a Client-Administered Firewall Engine to safeguard your internal corporate network.

With CAFE, you still get Markar's state of the art firewall engine to interface between your trusted and untrusted networks, but the onus is left with you to monitor the firewall and maintain the firewall's rule set.

If you eventually decide that you would prefer to outsource the firewall management, CAFE can be upgraded to our SAFE product, where we then provide a fully-managed firewall service via an encrypted link between the firewall engine and our control centre.

Key Benefits

Solid, state of the art, secure firewall.
You have total control (responsibility) over the firewall function.


Available upon application.


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