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Markar offers a range of Internet Security Services, ranging from performing security audits to design and implementation of firewall / security enforcement systems.  We also offer "managed firewall" or "unmanaged firewall" products.

Areas in which we can assist our customers include firewall design, implementation and support work on both single-firewall gateways and multi-firewall gateway infrastructure.  We can work on a range of firewall platforms, including Firewall-1, Gauntlet, IPFilter, IPChains and Ipfwadm.

Markar can also assist with the design and implementation of Intrusion Detection systems.


Does your company have a large number of dedicated data communications links to various external organisations?  Chances are that your telco costs are eating away at your budget.  By using VPN technology, you can establish most, if not all, of your external links over your Internet connection using encrypted channels to each of these external organisations, saving you the cost of all your external data communication links.

We can assist with all aspects of establishing a Virtual Private Network to any of your partner companies.


Do you want to expand your existing network or are you starting from scratch?  In either case, we can take you from the conceptual stage through to implementation and ongoing support.

Are you connected to the Internet?  Is your connection secure?  We offer a range of services from reviewing how secure your existing environment is through to recommending improvements and implementation of our recommendations.



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